Yuugiou R

Long overdue, I've finally made a webpage for Yuugiou R.

I can hear the "whys" from here. :P

I admit that Yuugiou R, the YGO manga sequel by Takahashi~sensei's assistant - Itou Akira~sensei, is far from my favorite manga, it definitely holds a special place in my heart. It's the first manga I actually tried to translate and it's what pushed me into really learning Japanese.

Looking at my older translations, my Japanese-noobness should be pretty obvious. Some of my translations are pretty awful and nearly all of this needs a serious revising.

That being said, I'm being pestered to put up some of this older stuff, so, here it is. I'm also putting up some newer stuff that I translated ages ago and never released.

My plan for the moment is to scanlate more YGOR stuff I had translated and never edited, and then progress to revising the older chapters.

I'm not going to put up anything done by Jenniyah (which is chapters 1-5) because Himitsu has already released every YGOR chapter we did there, only better. Don't expect to see anything that Horoko has already done either, for obvious reasons.

Please click on the links to see the scans from the individual volumes.

Volume 01 Volume 02 Volume 03
Volume 04 Volume 05