Volume 16

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This book is a bit more interesting in terms of revisions. We get the same image edit/update as we did in Volume 15 with Priest Seto holding Kisara in front of the Wedge of Blue Eyes when Kaiba is thinking of his flashback. There's also a little kanji switch there, but it translates to the same thing, so no new text there.

Original Flashback
Revised Flashback

We also have a little text edit, which I'm actually rather grateful for. I think it makes more sense. It's at the end of the tale of the Ishtar's woes, when Shaadi comes out to "explain" things to young Malik.

Original Translated
Revision Translated

Interestingly, I asked my sensei about my translations because I wasn't sure if I was interpeting "nari" (sorry, romaji only, html is eating hiragana) correctly. She told me it is an old-fashioned, informal way of saying "desu", basically, old school "da". She said, "if an old Japanese spirit came along, he would use 'nari'." Upon hearing this, our old Egyptian spirit character, Shaadi, who just so happens to be the speaker of these lines, flashed before my eyes, and I cracked up laughing.

I love how little dialog blurbs like that add spice to the characters. And I hate how it doesn't always translate very well. Even the way they say "you" is more often than not, an insult (like Kaiba's favorite "Kisama" and the oft used "Temee"). Heck, just calling someone by their first name, can be insulting if you're not on familiar terms with them. But the contempt isn't as easy to translate. The dub, I admit gives it a shot, but they fail horribly with their ridiculous insults (pony-tail head, WTF?).